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Microsoft and Zimperium Partnership

Zimperium and Microsoft have partnered to advance the state of the industry for mobile security. Mobile devices are now the dominant productivity platform in any organization with more than 80% of the daily work performed on a mobile device. These devices contain or have access to the same information and applications that a traditional endpoint (laptop, desktop) does, but without protection. The combination of Microsoft’s management and security solutions and Zimperium’s unique on-device mobile device security delivers unequaled protection for managed and unmanaged (BYOD) devices. The partnership has delivered numerous innovations for customers:

Secure Corporate and BYOD Devices

Organizations have a combination of corporate managed devices and employee owned BYOD devices in their environment. Working together with Microsoft, Zimperium’s Mobile Threat Defense solution delivers on-device machine learning-based protection against device, network, phishing and malicious app attacks designed specifically for enterprise-class organizations. Customers have chosen the Zimperium Intune integration for the following benefits:

  • Conditional access to Microsoft 365 applications based on Intune MAM policies.
  • On-device detection that does not require cloud analysis or connection.
  • Threat remediation and user notification on the device.
  • Individual user and group based mobile security and access policies.
  • Support for multiple UEM solutions simultaneously.
  • The only MTD solution that can be installed and operated on the Azure cloud.
  • Strict privacy functionality with no user information sent to the cloud.

Microsoft Defender ATP and Zimperium Integration Benefits

  • Advanced Threat Forensics – Microsoft Defender ATP integrated with Zimperium has threat forensics data not available from any other MTD solution including malicious processes and apps and reasons for device compromise/jailbreak;
  • Real-Time Device Status – The integrated solution automatically delivers threat status updates in Defender ATP as threats are resolved on mobile devices.
  • Threat Hunting – Security administrators can now hunt for threats by user or devices within Defender ATP (e.g. show me a list of threats affecting my CFO or users in a geography).
  • Comprehensive Endpoint Visibility – Administrators have a complete view of the security posture of all of the endpoints (laptop, desktop, tablet, phone) an employee leverages in their day-to-day work as they access corporate resources.

Security Center with Mobile Threat Data

Azure Sentinel with Mobile Threat Data

Microsoft Azure Sentinel SIEM and Zimperium Integration Benefits

  • Mobile threat data from Zimperium can now be used by Azure Sentinel’s built-in AI and hunting capabilities to identify threats that are important to an organization and respond with automated remediation actions
  • Zimperium’s advanced integration automatically updates threat status in Azure Sentinel as threats get resolved on mobile devices so you can have an up-to-date view on active threats of each mobile device within Azure Sentinel
  • The ability to search for threats by user within Azure Sentinel (e.g. show me list of threats affecting my C-suite executives) and building of playbooks to take custom actions if threats affect specific users

Microsoft Azure and Zimperium

Zimperium is the only Mobile Threat Defense solution developed and designed to work on Azure. With advanced integration to Azure Active Directory, deployment of Zimperium’s Mobile Threat Defense is fast and simple. And, as the only MTD solution to run on Azure, you are not forced to run in the platform dictated by the MTD vendor.

Microsoft Azure

“Protecting corporate data is paramount for every organization. To help organizations to ensure only healthy devices are accessing their corporate information, we have integrated Mobile Threat Defense with our Microsoft Endpoint Manager modern device management and modern app management solution. We are excited to collaborate with companies like Zimperium to protect both enrolled and BYO devices to solve our joint customers’ mobile security needs.”

-Brad Anderson, CVP Microsoft 365

Zimperium on the Azure Solution Exchange


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