Solution Briefs

Solution Briefs MAPS | Mobile Application Protection Suite Download zScan | Build Secure & Compliant Mobile Apps Download zShield | Mobile App Obfuscation & Anti-Tampering with Centralized Visibility Download zDefend | Embedded Mobile App Security (formerly called zIAP) Download zIPS | Mobile Intrusion Prevention System Download z3A | Advanced App Analysis Download Zimperium Mobile Threat

Why Mobile Security

Mobile Security is Endpoint Security The most unprotected and largest security gap in your organization Mobile Security Issues for CISO’s The most disperse and difficult security challenge for CISOs is ensuring that the thousands of endpoints in their organization are secure. Laptops created an enormous boost to productivity but came with security risks. Just as

Mobile Threat Advisory Services

Mobile Threat Advisory Services Mobile Threat Advisory Services Many enterprise organizations have invested in mobile security solutions. However, many are not sufficiently staffed with the expertise to analyze the mobile forensics and translate them into actionable security policies. The demand for highly specialized security professionals continues to surpass supply. Zimperium’s Mobile Threat Advisory Service provides


Global Services and Technical Support for Mobile Devices Our passion for security never stops and neither does our world-class Customer Success organization. The global team is dedicated to resolving your issues quickly and effectively so you can focus on your business – not your mobile devices. Zimperium offers trusted advisors and certified security professionals to

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