Mobile Security that Uses Machine Learning to Detect Cyber Attacks

Lab Trained for Years with Billions of Datapoints

Next-generation, On-device Mobile Device Security

z9™ is the revolutionary Mobile Threat Defense engine developed by our team of advanced mobile security researchers and developers at Zimperium. z9™ uses machine-learning to detect device, network, phishing and application mobile attacks on-device and in real time. The z9™ engine was specifically developed for mobile, not ported from traditional endpoint security, to guard against the unique threats targeting iOS and Android devices. z9™ runs efficiently on-device, without introducing latency or violating user privacy.

Like a Central Nervous System for your Mobile Device

Much like your nervous system continuously monitors your body from the inside, z9™ can detect both known and unknown threats by analyzing the behavior of a mobile device. By analyzing slight deviations to the mobile device’s OS statistics, memory, CPU and other system parameters, z9™ can accurately identify not only the specific type of malicious attack, but also provide forensics associated with the who, what, where, when and how of an attack occurrence.

Stop Zero-Day Threats without Signatures or Lookups

Unlike other threat detection systems, z9™ monitors the entire mobile device for malicious behavior regardless of the attack entry point. The device-wide resident approach does not rely on external IDs or malware signatures, and does much more than app scanning. This makes z9™ immune to evasion techniques such as polymorphic malware, virtual machine awareness, download and execute techniques or binary obfuscation, allowing Zimperium solutions to find and protect against both known, zero-day or new threats even when disconnected from the network.

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