Mobile Phishing

90% of breaches begin with phishing

Phishing attacks are increasing in alarming numbers. In 2018, there were 482.5 million attempted phishing attacks, which is more than double the attacks in 2017. The 2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigations report found that 90 percent of cyber attacks begin with phishing. And with mobile usage now surpassing desktop usage, cybercriminals see mobile as a prime target for phishing attacks.

Mobile phishing protection must go beyond corporate email

Corporate email is the primary attack vector for phishing on traditional endpoints. Since two thirds of emails are read on mobile devices and most corporate mobile users do not use always-on VPNs for all traffic, this vector is still very dangerous on mobile devices. But mobile also brings a number of new attack vectors existing solutions are powerless to prevent, e.g., personal email, SMS, messaging apps and even malicious apps that masquerade as legitimate apps.

Zimperium is the only on-device, machine learning-based mobile phishing solution

Leveraging our proven expertise in machine learning, Zimperium has a complete anti-phishing solution for mobile devices that detects both known and “zero day” phishing attacks, protects against the variability and variety of mobile phishing attack vectors and provides options that balance security and user privacy.

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