BYOD Security

Market size and problem

Employee-owned devices are accessing enterprise networks and data at an incredible rate. With the BYOD market predicted to exceed $300 billion by 2022, according to Global Market Insights, IT Security Administrators are struggling to adopt best practices quickly for protecting this new world of moving targets.

BYOD protection must balance security and user privacy

CIOs and CISOs are challenged to develop corporate policies that embrace BYOD – without falling short on security. The complexity requires striking a balance between the user’s desired expectations (e.g., instant data access, privacy protection) and the organization’s need to secure corporate data, protect against insider threats and comply with corporate governance initiatives.

Zimperium’s on-device protection is perfect for BYOD

In addition to providing protection against both known and unknown attacks, Zimperium’s on-device detection is perfect for BYOD because it protects user privacy as well. While cloud-based solutions can send potentially sensitive personal data off the device, Zimperium’s detection does not require any PII and can be configured to send no data off the device.

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