IoT Security

There are projected to be over 75 Billion IoT devices connected to the internet by 2025

Every day more IP-connected devices are developed and connected to the internet. We each now have multiple devices that make our lives easier and richer. Organizations have created new businesses or improved existing businesses. And while the benefits are enormous, the risks increase at equal or greater rates than the adoption of these new technologies.

Protecting Billions of Devices Requires a Scalable and Unique Architecture

To effectively protect and reduce the significant risk associated with the IP-connected IoT devices you have to have a solution that can run with very little overhead, can run on-device without requiring cloud lookups to determine risk and is scalable to 10s of billions. The underlying technology must have an architecture that was developed specifically for these use cases.

Zimperium is the Only On-Device Security Solution built to Secure IoT Devices

Zimperium was architected to run on IoT operating systems like, Embedded Linux, iOS and Android. These operating systems are currently being used in Smart Cities, Connected Industry, Connected Building, Connected Car and Smart Retail environments. The list will only continue to grow. And Zimperium is the only technology capable of providing the necessary security.

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